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There are a few important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a portable security alarm.

Do I need a portable security alarm?

The first consideration is whether you need a portable security alarm over a fixed alarm. Portable security alarms give the protection of fixed or installed alarms but allow the flexibility to move them between locations without a complicated installation. As they are not traditionally installed, they also allow for alarms where an installed alarm is not possible due to lack of electricity, internet or phone lines.

If you need an alarm that you can move between vehicles, entrances, shipping containers or building sites. Or an alarm that you can use where there is no electricity or phone lines. Then a portable alarm is the solution for you.

Here are some common uses:

  • Securing vehicles
  • Securing gates
  • Securing work sites
  • Securing equipment
  • Securing aircraft
  • Securing sheds or remote buildings without power
  • Securing shipping containers
  • Securing cargo or large luggage

What to look for when choosing a portable security alarm

Once you've decided a portable security alarm is right for you, there a few important considerations when choosing an alarm.

Battery Life

An alarm whose battery dies after a week or few days is not going to be very useful. If you're constantly changing or charging batteries you'll soon forget and be left with an alarm that is guarding nothing. It is important that the alarms batteries last for months or even years to minimise the risk of batteries going flat without you noticing.

It's also important that the alarm alert you when the batteries are getting low. This helps avoid the situation of a dead alarm.


Getting accurate and timely alerts from your alarm is crucial for it to be of any use. And when you're using an alarm on something that may move location, alerts of where it is can also be crucial. The best solution is an alarm with a mobile sim card that allows for it to communicate from almost anywhere. Combined with an on-board GPS that allows you to locate the item anywhere it has access to the satellites. For even more peace of mind, an alarm that can be monitored professional will mean those alerts won't go unnoticed.


The point of a portable security alarm is that it is portable. How easy it is to move from one place to another defines how portable it is. You want an alarm that is easy to mount and easy to then unmount to move to it's next use. Look for magnetic mounting, mounting holes for zip ties or even holes for mounting with screws or bolts when it needs to be really secure.


So you're going to look for a portable security alarm that has good battery life, good connectivity, good alerts, provides it's location and is easy to mount. But when will this alarm go off? What will trigger it? This answer is different for different people and different situations. You need to look for an alarm that's flexible so you can not only move it between places but also between applications.

Sometimes you need to know if something is even slightly bumped, sometimes you only want to know if it moves a lot. Some times you want to know if something that was upright is now sideways. Maybe you need to know if it stayed in one position the whole time it was in a shipping container? Maybe you need to know when it moves location?

A good alarm provides the flexibility to work in almost any situation. This allows you to get the most out of your alarm and reuse it in many places and situations.

The Shaft Alarm

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The Shaft Alarm

The Shaft Alarm

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